The Odyssey Channel

WBSC relaunches as The Odyssey Channel, a nostalgia tv channel for millennials.

New Network Positioning and Programming Officially Launches on Sun., Jun. 10, 2018

Raleigh, May. 17, 2018 –Venture Beyond and Mary Bassey Enterprises’ digital broadcast network WBSC, which this year was acquired in a joint venture, has a collection of new, exciting sports and entertainment options for viewers, announced today the next major step in its evolution, as WBSC will rebrand to become The Odyssey Channel, will begin ‘living the journey’ on Sun., Jun. 10, 2018, the day it becomes the home of original and nostalgia tv for millennials.

Illustrating its new branding, the network will also introduce a bold logo that features its abbreviated form ODY and new motto of ‘Living the Journey’. The Odyssey Channel will showcase shows and movies that primarily aired in the 90’s and 00’s, as well as high-quality entertainment, music, series and storytelling that is emotional and edgy, and connects with U.S. millennials.

“Our prominent new name and logo reflect to the world that we are the modern general entertainment channel for not just millennials, but everyone who wants to live a journey.” said Dillon Brooks, President and CEO, The Odyssey Channel. “We will super-serve this community with a universe of exciting viewing options in ways that are compelling, informative, and entertaining. Through this strategy, we are building a high-quality TV channel that we believe distributors are ready to embrace, advertisers are ready to support, and viewers will be drawn to.”

“The Odyssey Channel’s transformation into a high-demand cable network is one of our top company priorities,” said Mandee Woodard, Executive Vice President of Business Affairs, Venture Beyond, and Mary Bassey Enterprises.

“Today’s announcement marks another important step in this transformation and, with the support of Venture Beyond, and Mary Bassey Enterprises, The Odyssey Channel is now clearly well positioned to better serve its stakeholders across all its platforms. Our commitment to the providing substantive and compelling entertainment is stronger than ever and the relaunch of WBSC as The Odyssey Channel is a direct reflection of that pledge.”

During the past several months, The Odyssey Channel has introduced new entertainment and original programming options to begin the network’s transformation. In September, it will launch the first of 6 original shows, and movies it will air, as well as the first of two games to air on the network this season. Also in September, key to watching sports in its full brilliance, The Odyssey Channel became available for distribution in HD. And accessible online, for free viewing, as well as an anticipated partnership with PlutoTV and Xumo.

On the info-tainment front, building on the popularity of The Scenester, Inc. webseries – ‘Booze News’ a series that gives viewers an exclusive all-access look the days news events, from hosts, who are in a relaxed environment. The Odyssey Channel will continue to develop and deliver a broad mix of compelling original, signature and acquired series and reality shows. Blockbuster movies and hot music offerings aimed at a audience That wants to experience the journey from childhood to adulthood. This will also be key programming pillars of The Odyssey Channel.

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